Lake Forest College Internship

The Chicago Botanic Garden has partnered wit Lake Forest College's undergraduate Plant Biology class to offer four week mini internships in the fall. Interns come to the Garden every Wednesday from 11:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Their research will culminate in a poster for the class.

These internships are restricted to students enrolled in the Plant Biology course at Lake Forest College.

Create an Account

Both mentors and Lake Forest College interns need to create an account.

Create Intern Account/ Log In
  • To register as a potential mentor or intern:
    • Please create an account on the website:
    • New mentors must select "Mentor submitting intern request"
    • LFC interns must select "Current Intern"
      • Your account will need to be cross-referenced based on the list of students provided by the professor of the LFC Plant Biology course before activation
    • Once you have created an account, we will confirm your registration online
  • If you already have an account
    • You do not need to re-register
    • You can login with your previous username and password, Facebook, Google, or Twitter account
    • You should check with us to see if your account is still active 
      • If not, we will reinstate you

Submit a Project

If you are interested in mentoring a student, you will need to submit a short (1 paragraph) project description, with a picture, and key word "subjects" that define your project to the internships website. Due to the condensed timing of these internships please consider a project or subset of a larger project that can be completed in four meetings.

Add project (once logged in)
  1. Under "Mentor" select "My research project"
  2. Click “+ research project”
  3. Under “program” dropdown select – “Lake Forest College Internship
  4. Record all necessary information – title, short description, image, subject key words etc.
  5. Then click “Submit Request”